Joey's House Of Pizza Ep. 5

Michael’s pick, since we’ve been talking about it for some time now, would be Joey’s House Of Pizza. Pizza is a whole new food group on it’s own. You can’t live without it, and for those who do, lord help them. hahah jk but seriously. The whole crew over at Joey’s is absolutely outstanding. Super friendly and helpful, but don’t take too long trying to decide on your order, because after all this is a New York pizzeria.. and life seems faster the moment you walk through those doors. Joey’s is family owned and believe me, they will treat you like family and serve you the best damn pizza you’ve ever had! The slices are the size of Texas, you’ve gotta fold em, that’s a given. If I were you, go into Joey’s on an empty stomach, and order up the Gladiator… Trust me… Seriously. Hint. it’s almost like a pizza sandwich. If you don’t believe what I’m saying about their pizza, all you have to do is go to, But anyways, that’s my weekly food pick. Joey’s House Of Pizza is open Monday thru Friday, 11am-3pm, but try to get there a little earlier than 11, you’ll see why Joey’s is the number 1 pizza joint in Nashville, if not the whole damn world in my opinion. Their address is 897 Elm Hill Pike Nashville TN or like I said, and tell them Michael said to come try the pizza!!