Pregame Opinion: Preds Vs. Phoenix Coyotes 12/1/15

     Well Nashville, we are back at it tonight against Phoenix Coyotes after a two day rest. A much needed rest after a 1-4 loss to the Buffalo Sabres making the series with the Sabres 1-1.  Phoenix typically wasn't a team on the radar but a slowly creeping their way up the standings sitting at 15th in the league only 3 spots behind Nashville. Nashville hoping to end the 3 game Coyote win streak and put some more points on the board. 

     Arizona is coming off of a Saturday night win against the Ottawa Senators with a 4-3 battle. They are coming into Smashville on a 3 game winning streak hoping to make it 4 straight. Arizona finds ways to win even when the opposing team is doubling their shots on net. Can Pekka Rinne stay sharp and keep the puck out of the net?

Phoenix players Nashville needs to contain: Mikkel Boedker (Scoring all three goals against Ottawa Saturday) Michael Stone (Always there to assist and setup the puck) Antoine Vermette

     Nashville has been struggling to score lately but that's doesn't mean we are out of the race for the cup. Pekke Rinne will be in the pipes Tuesday for the first time in a several games and will be hoping to help the boys come away with a WIN. 

Nashville Key Points:

Control the puck. Lately it's looked like our passes have been overshot when passed up into the neutral zone. 

Win the Draws. We have struggled to win the faceoffs and as a result the opposing team is getting more puck time and more shots on goal. This is crucial, we need to find ways to bring the puck back to our boys and control the puck up into the opposing zone.

Setting up our shots on net: Everybody knows Forsberg is a magician with the puck but lately we haven't seen the results from him as we know he's capable of. I believe if we can control the puck, win the draws, and wait for the opportunities Forsberg will be successful. Centering passes, behind the net or any open opportunities. Our boys need to stay sharp and look for those passing opportunities. 

Forward Stepping up to play more Defense: Our defense combined with our goaltending is obviously one of the best in the world. But that doesn't matter if the opposing team is gaining breakaways and out controlling the puck. Our forwards need to step up and help keep the pressure off of Pekks and our defensive core. That means when we are in Phoenix territory and we take a shot at the goal, we need to be there for the rebound or fight up on the boards to get the puck. If we don't get the puck that means sprinting back to our zone and applying as much pressure as possible to keep the Coyote's shots on goal as low as possible. 

     I believe Nashville will come into this game angry and will fight to the death to take the win. It won't be easy, but if we play the basics of hockey and wait for the opportunities, they will come. It's been rough watching our boys lose but they want it just as bad as we do, and I still believe this is our year. It's just a matter of finding a way to win in every aspect of the game. 

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- MD-

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  8. Senators
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