Pregame Opinion: Preds Vs. Blues

Well Nashville here we go again, Round 2 against the Blues in St. Louis. For the most part I am going to keep this short and sweet as I would be rambling about the same problems as we have been for way too long now. 

Last time we met the Blues, they shut us out in our own home and sadly I had to listen to the Blues fans overtake Bridgestone Arena as I left the game. Jake Allen's performance was either unrivaled in the first matchup or we were a victim of the same problem we've been facing as of late. Unfortunately I would have to choose the latter. 

Before I've said, it's not a matter of having the talent, because I honestly believe we do. We've proven time and time again that when we want it bad enough, we can't be touched. For example: beating the Hawks 5-1, shutting out the Jets 7-0. Those are just two examples and sadly we haven't been generating. I'm not going to go into detail what we already know. 

Tonight is an important game, and we need to find a way to come away with 2 points and not just 1 in an overtime win/lose. We are in the 2nd Wildcard slot for the Western Conference, 5 points ahead of all the teams below us, and that great early start to the season has kept us safe. But as time goes on and we still aren't finding ways to win, it's only a matter of time, and it could be a matter of 3-4 games before we get knocked out of the playoffs for the time being. At that point even the teams ahead of us could keep winning and keep us out of the playoffs and them locked in. 

Tonight we have to focus on puck control, crash the net, create traffic, be patient, wait for holes, and forwards need to assist our defense. Put on those jersey's you don't wash, do all your superstitious pregame rituals because we need this win tonight.

One more note that saddens me: I've noticed as we haven't played our best hockey recently I've watched our home attendance slowly dwindle down. Keep your heads up, support our boys NO MATTER WHAT. Win or Lose our Preds need us and if you were to ask them, they would tell you every chant and every yell matters. Scream loud, fight for the puck just as they do, and stand by our beloved Nashville Predators. Remember how lucky we are to have them here in Nashville and how important they are to the city of Nashville. Besides it could be worse, they could be the Tennessee Titans.

Everybody have a wonderful Smashville day and GO PREDS!