Pregame Opinion: Preds Vs. Mtl. Canadiens 12/21/15

3....  That's the number of periods Nashville will have to play hockey. Not 1. Not 2. THREE! 

Sure, we beat the Minnesota Wild but it became a teeth grinder halfway through the second period. Tonight we play a team who's home city eats, sleeps and breathes hockey. 

The Montreal Canadiens (20-11-3) vs. Nashville (16-11-6) will be the ultimate test for the Predators. We've proven time and time again that if we want it bad enough, nothing and I mean NOTHING can stand in the way of the Preds. The only problem is consistency. As you watch these games, you see Nashville come out strong, organized, skilled and angry. Then it's like after that first intermission buzzer, they come back out lacking something. Yes yes I know that the opposing team is going to come out gun's blazing, but with the skill that we've proven time and time again to have... Why can't we commit through 3 periods? 

The Preds are hoping for their 5th win this month against the Canadiens (Yes I said 5th) then holiday break only returning to play the Redwings and Rangers.  Tonights win is crucial for our boys to make a statement, prove to the hockey world that we are better than the recent slumps, that we are angry from Chicago taking that playoff run aways from us. 

Carey Price still sitting out for several more weeks, I believe tonight we just play the game Nashville knows best. Defense but with a side of 45 shots on goal. Crowd the net and make Mike Condon lose sight of the puck. Keep the puck away from the Mtl. power forwards and send the puck to the net as many times as possible.  Plekanec leads Mtl. in points with 27 and Pacioretty leads in goals. Predators haven't lost a home game to the Canadiens since 2003 so let's keep our fingers crossed and hope our boys come out strong and angry for all three periods.

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