Pregame Opinion- Preds vs Rangers


It's Monday December 28th and the Predators are facing the Rangers for the second time this season. Hoping to bounce back from the 2-3 loss Saturday against the Redwings and gain some positive momentum back.  

The four day Christmas break Nashville had didn't seem to play out in their favor as the tempo seemed slow paced and a little bit lacking but the Preds will be warmed up and hungry for a win.  

The Rangers haven't played since the break has ended and will look to put a tally on the board early.  

Mike Fisher is hopeful to return to tonight's matchup and if he does, you know he will come out swinging hard and fast. We all know how important Fish has been to this program, and he could almost be considered our insurance policy when he's on the ice. Always crowding the opposing net and swatting furiously to sink pucks behind the net especially when the team needs them most. Fisher has put us back in the fight on many occasions when the team has been lacking in offense. Expect Fish to be right in the face of Lundqvist fighting for the puck. 

Nashville needs to focus on controlled passes and better puck control tonight. The forwards will need to get Lundqvist moving and his head turning if we look to get one between the pipes. Also I would expect to see Josi and Weber making a big ruckus in the Rangers zone and adding that extra weapon to our offense as they typically do.  

Lets hope for our boys to come out strong tonight and eager for a win. Nashville is more than capable as they've proven but obviously we can't take the Rangers lightly.

Happy Gameday Smashville and Go Preds