Pregame: Preds Vs. Sabres Round 2 11/28/15

     Preds come off this road trip with only one win... Out of 5 games. As we all know, three of those games were shut-outs against the Preds. Not as successful of a road trip as the team would like to have had. 

     Notching the first and only win from the most recent road series, the Preds really seemed to struggle in most areas of the game. Granted, we had spots of hope and sunshine where they really looked great, and looked like the team we know they are but.... then they go back to over passing, losing sight of the puck and basic chest shots on the goalie.

     Watching the Flyers game on Friday night, I was torn. I was really upset with our team for the most part, until Mike Fisher swatted that puck in the net with 20 seconds left in the game to send it to overtime. In those 20 seconds, the Predators proved that they can do just about anything. The Predators proved that if they want it bad enough... They can have it... So my question is.. Do they want it bad enough?!?

    Anyways, lets get into Pregame for tonights game back in Smashville against the Sabres. 

     So on the same night we lost to the flyers, the Sabres boat raced the Carolina Hurricanes 4-1.  I know they will be coming into OUR house, but I think the Sabres are underrated and angry. They want these wins, and as I've talked about before.. Do we want it bad enough. I was really hoping the Preds would play Hutton against the Flyers and put Rinne in the pipes Saturday to keep him from playing two games in a row, as well as a back to back. Hutton played great against the Sabres on Wednesday and I think we need to play him more often to show him that he has our trust. I mean really.. How can you shine if your Pekka Rinne's back up? Well. He did, so why not play Hutton more, get him the ice time he needs to improve his game? 

     Obviously, we can win this but it's not going to be easy. Unless our boys find that mojo they've seem to have lost somewhere in Columbus. I'm sorry this was more of a ramble then Pregame, but... I hope you all root on our boys and lets pray for another "W"

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Love ya Nashville,