Severe Weather: Hockey Gods/Santa Return Preds Mojo

Nashville: Christmas is closing in and the Preds win back to back for the first time since mid November. The weathermen are predicting severe storms throughout the entire state of Tennessee. Including straight line winds, hail, possible flooding and possible tornadoes. 

Obviously this is an unlikely occurrence for this time of year. Some experts are saying that the stars have all lined up correctly and that the Hockey Gods are returning the Nashville Predators' mojo for the rest of the season. We've had recent glimpse's of the divine intervention with the win over the Wild and the near TKO against the Canadiens but seemed to have been lacking prior. Luckily the Nashville Predators have proven to the Mythical Gods that they are worthy of revival going into the 4 day Christmas break. 

According to sources unknown Zeus and his companions have drafted the help of Santa to aid in the intervention. While Zeus and company provide the mojo to the Preds, Santa will fulfill Christmas lists directly to the players themselves. One Elf has leaked to us early this morning that each Predators forward will receive "Super Stick" skills to provide more goals for the remainder of the season. That same Elf stated that each Defenseman will be provided "Super Speed" and Goalies will receive "Super Vision." If the forwards fail to utilize their soon to be Christmas gifts, Roman Josi is said to be receiving a Super large backpack to carry the rest of the team until they figure out the full range of their gifts. :)

All kidding aside, the storms are going to be big. The weathermen are predicting that the storms will likely occur around 3pm - midnight and possibly through tomorrow morning. So everybody stay safe. If you have to finish your holiday shopping please be smart and keep an eye out for worsening conditions. 

Everybody have a wonderful Merry Christmas. Be thankful for the amazing city of Nashville and the greatest hockey club out there: The Nashville Predators. 

Let's finish out this year strong and make a big statement, letting everybody know that we are back in it for the long haul! 

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Go Preds